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I am based in the UK but can post artwork all over the world.

To order a commission or print or for any further enquiries please contact me using the contact box below:

Get in touch


​To order a portrait, follow these simple steps:


1) Pricing-Visit the Price List tab to ensure you are aware of prices including shipping.


2) Choose your photos- In order to create a great portrait I need clear, sharp photos. I can merge different images together if you want more faces in the drawing etc as long as all images are of high quality. 


3) Email the information- go to the Contact tab to find my email. 


4) Payment- I request a 50% deposit payment 1 week before I am planning on completing your piece. I will then take the rest of the payment once I have sent you a 'preview' photograph of the beginnings of the piece.

Once payment is received your drawing will be completed within 2 days from the preview sketch and sent.

This is payable through PayPal or bank transfer (you do not need a Paypal account in order to pay through it!) 

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